Well met, fellow wanderers of the internets…

To those of you who’ve made it here on purpose, I salute your dogged determination. For those of you who’ve made a slight detour in your search for internet based naughty pictures, I am ashamed to say that there isn’t one to be found on this page… yet. In the best traditions of Luddism, I’m embracing blogging, one of 1999’s cutting edge technologies here in 2012. The reason I broke down and began this blog are several, and with your kind forbearance I will enumerate them here.

1. I live in Asia, and most of my family and friends live on other continents. Sometimes a simple Facebook rant isn’t enough to truly let them know how disappointed I am with them. (For family members and friends with an underdeveloped sense of humor, that was a joke.)

2. I live in Asia, and crazy sh*t happens on a fairly routine basis. I have been documenting the absurdity quite regularly on Facebook, but this will allow me to more easily chronicle Asia’s Fellini-esque quality of life.

3. Last but not least, I spend a lot of time communicating in a language other than English (Chinese, in case the title of my blog wasn’t a big enough hint), and I like to write stories in my free time, mainly to amuse myself and give myself some ‘English time’. These stories have been left forgotten in some godforsaken folder of my Mac long enough. It’s time for them to be let loose upon the world, where they can be ignored by a much wider audience.

So those are the reasons I began this blog. I intend to update this page frequently, and since I’ve got quite a few stories already written I think I’ll be able to at least release one new story a week. But then again, you know that good intentions were used to pave the road to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks. It’ll be interesting to see whether my natural laziness or  my Irish guilt in not fulfilling my promise to you will win out. (Personally, I’m betting on my laziness.) See you in the funny pages,



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