Australia 2011 (Part I: Melbourne and Victoria)

My girlfriend did a year abroad in Australia last year, and last July (2011) I went to join her for about a month. We rented an RV and, beginning in Melbourne and ending in Darwin, we went on a 6000 km journey through the heart of Aus. Since it’s been a year, I think it’s time to finally post some photo highlights of the trip, as well as some running commentary. On to Melbourne!


Yours truly in front of Flinder’s Street Station.


And in front of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. I don’t know why I look like I’m about to have a technicolor yawn.


And the interior of Saint Patrick’s.

And now on the road!


Our home for a month.


The back of the RV (caravan) transformed into our bedroom each evening.


A rainbow along the (rainy) Prince’s Highway toward Geelong.


A parrot along the Great Ocean Road towards South Australia


The Twelve Apostles (Or the Sow and Piglets depending on who you ask)


A bit of a closer view of the Twelve Apostles

My girlfriend has a special regard for Melbourne, up to counting herself as a local. I could see what she saw in the place. It was beautiful and very livable, although driving there was a bit hairy especially for someone with not much experience driving on the left. Don’t get me started on the infamous Melbourne hook turns:


Aside from that, though, and a bit of rain, Melbourne was all roses and I can’t wait to go back. Anyway, next up we have my favorite city in Australia, Adelaide, and the magnificent Kangaroo Island. See you tomorrow for more!


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