Australia 2011 (Part II: Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and SA)

I really liked Adelaide. The sunshine and relative dryness was a welcome change from soggy Victoria, and Adelaide has a  special charm of its own. It’s much smaller than Melbourne, so that it manages to combine the community feeling of a small town with the convenience of a much larger city. Best of both worlds.

The drive towards Adelaide was striking. Lots of small towns scattered throughout Canunda National Park. Here’s me fighting a giant lobster, the claim to fame of one small hamlet:


Giant things are sort of an Australian national pastime. This one’s in Kingston, SA.


These signs amused me no end on the long drive.


Adelaide, finally. Why do I feel so at home here?


Adelaide is surrounded by hills, each of which sports its own little village. This one, called Hahndorf, was founded by German shipwreck survivors in the 1830s. Just added to the very pleasant but deeply surreal quality of Australia.


I laughed for ages at this sign. (Hahndorf).

Amanda and I then splurged for a package tour to Kangaroo Island, because we would soon be heading up north, where chances to see (wild) South Australian fauna would be few and far between. I’m very happy we did.


An Australian sea lion pup having a roll.




New Zealand Fur Seal pup having a doze.


Does my butt look big in this?


A koala, awake for once.


And this is Remarkable Rocks, the last bit of land before you come to Antarctica.

And they’re truly remarkable, by the way.

That’s it for this edition of Dabendan’s Aussie adventure. Join us next time for Coober Pedy, where they filmed Mad Max and Pitch Black. See you tomorrow!



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